BCGO Member


Borzoi Club of Greater Omaha (BCGO)

Promoting all aspects of borzoi and good sportsmanship in the Great Plaines centered in Omaha and including the surrounding area.

Pictured are the members who could attend our “How Sweet It Is Meeting” where we celebrated significant BCOA 2005 National wins and other accomplishments of our members with a Dessert, Champagne, and Strawberry Party.  Maybe we are a small club, but we're working hard and growing!


Member list in Alphabetic order, Full members then Associate members

Active Member List

C.J. and Michael Alexander, C.J pictured

Elizabeth Bucholz, pictured

Teresa Burks, not pictured

Kay Cassella, Konza, not pictured, Secretary, charter member

Terry Ann & Scott Doane, SVershin, pictured, Treasurer & Vice President, charter members

Caryl Dumaine, Ravenna, pictured, charter member

Cindi Gredys, Jubilee, pictured with daughter Amelia, President, charter member

Dawn Hall, Jedawn, not pictured, Board member

Debb & Jim Meyer, o'Pendragon, not pictured, charter member

Chris Swilley, Renaissance, pictured, charter member

Associate Members

Susan Caulkins, Winterwind, pictured, club historian

Joann Curtin, not pictured

Chere Fuessel, Fusilier, not pictured  

Deborah Butler, Valinor, not pictured

Please feel invited to our annual TSE in conjunction with the Nebraska Kennel Club shows now the 4th weekend in July at the (air conditioned) Qwest Center in Omaha.  We put much effort into presenting a really GREAT trophy table.