Candid Photos

Just for Fun

borzoi left to right:

Ch. SVershin's Sydell

Ch. SVershin's Sergei, FCh. CD

Ch. Pickfair's Strela SVershin

Pheadra SValenti SVershin

in the middle: the live in maid and cook


Ch. SVershin's Mikayla

Ch. Savladia Frost the Air SVershin (Chilly)

Ch. SVershin's Mikayla and SVershin's Mitelitza JC (Litza)

There's a squirrel up there and we're waiting for it to come down.  Unfortunately, the squirrel isn't quite that dumb.




Joyce and I with (left to right)

Ch. Zimistraija Maestro at Svershin FCh. JC

Ch. SVershin's Miliy

Ravenwolf's Desiray Mystic Moon

SVershin's Mitelitza JC

Ch. SVershin's Maurugi of Purejoy

Downtown Kansas City for the dog show on St. Patrick's Day 2001 where they had dyed the water in the fountains green at the city park.  Miliy got back to back majors at this show and Maurugi also got a major.