Cool Boys

Ch. SVershin Salvadai CooltobeKind FCh. JC (Alex)

Ch. SVershin Salvdai Cool Operator SC (Broker)

 by Can. Ch. Zimistraija Andante Savladai SV (Fonzie)

and out of Am.Can.Ch Savladai Frost the Air SV'shin (Chilly)
Co-Bred by (my good friend) Helen Lee and (myself) Terry Ann Doane

whelped April 9th, 2006


We used Helen's naming conventions, so Chilly and Fonzie (naturally) produced the "Cool" litter.  I brought home a wonderful boy who goes by Alex and a second boy went home with Karen Berry to California.  She and I are co-owning handsome Broker.  I am very excited about these boys.  They have heart melting power.  I think I am in love.


Broker who went to Cool California


Yes the two are very similar.  Six of the seven in the litter all were the same color and marked very similarly .  That made puppy selection very interesting.

Broker is playing with big bro Guthrie on their California patio.  May  Karen and I always be as close as Broker and Guthrie are.

Big Bro Guthrie loves his new little brother too and “looks out for him”.  When Karen has to leave Broker in a crate while no one is home, Guthrie lies next to the crate as if to make sure he doesn’t feel alone.  As soon as Karen returns and Guthrie has given his initial greetings to her, he then runs back to Broker’s crate as if to say, “Don’t forget to let the little guy out.”  Guthrie shares his beds and pool with Broker and allows him to roll all over him in play.  When Broker does things that are not good borzoi etiquette, like dig the water out of the pool, Guthrie just gives him a “we don’t DO that” look.  The paternal instinct of the male borzoi can be amazing.

Broker at 4 months old.  It is certainly obvious they are closely related and the apple didn't fall all that far away from the tree.

Alex at 4 months old. 

Broker being show at a Specialty at 1 year of age.

Alex pictured at 6 month

Broker pictured at 1 year

Alex pictured at 1 year

Alex is just beautiful on the field

And he is just a very handsome boy.

To the left is Can. Ch. Savladai SVershin Cool Breeze

She is called Belinda and she's one of Broker and Alex's littermates.  Is she not ABSOLUTELY Beautiful!

Owned by Helen Lee