Some of the fabulous borzoi friends that grace my kennel and home.  Borzoi have captivated my heart since 1981.

(Photo taken New Year's Day 2001)

left to right:

SVershin's Mitelitza JC

Ch. SVershin's Mikayla

Ch. SVershin's Sydell

Ch. Zimistraija's Mozart Play for SV'shin JC FCh ROM-C.

Ch. Zimistraija's Maestro at SVershin JC FCh.

Ch. Pickfair's Strela SVershin (at 12 years of age)



I developed this site in order to share photos with you that are a reflection of my kennel and some of  the events we participate in with our Borzoi.  My personal goal with Borzoi is to selectively raise the highest quality dogs for show, performance events and (most importantly) with temperaments that enrich your life.  I strived to obtain the very best available breed representatives from wherever in the world I found the most ideal.  I have imported dogs from Sweden and Canada as well as from some of the best kennels in my country, the USA.  

I contribute to clubs dedicated to promotion of my chosen breed with my time and financial support.  I feel helping others in addition to my own personal endeavors supports breed improvement all-around and "raises the bar" for the whole breed.  Improvement in the breed is a loftier goal than personal glory.

Not only have the Borzoi colored my entire life with their grace and nobility, the friends I have made through the Borzoi have been and are priceless.

I hope you enjoy these magnificent dogs.

These two running boys are Mozart and Maestro at a coursing event.  An activity which they absolutely adored.  The dogs truly are most beautiful when they are doing what they were bred to do.



owned and loved by

Terry Ann Doane


Email: borzoi@mchsi.com



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