M Litter

There were 6 puppies;  Maurugi, Makari, Mikayla, Mitelitza, Miliy and Marya.

date of birth:  1998 November 13th


                IntlCh NordCh Gordienko av Fjascho

        Ch. Zimistraija Mozart Play for SV'shin JC FCh ROM-C.

                IntlCh NordCh Jelistaz Grace of Zimistraija

"M" litter

                Phaedra's SValenti SVershin

        Ch. SVershin's Sydell

                Ch. Pickfair's Strela SVershin


Ch. SVershin's Mikayla

At the Chicago International show Mikayla was Best In Sweeps, under breeder Ginger Jones and took a 4 point major.  The previous day she also took best in Sweeps under breeder Susan Breaz.

Mikayla finished with 3 majors one of them from respected breeder judge, Patti Neal.  At the 2002 National she received an Award of Merit from Donna Maharran.  She is the best borzoi I've ever bred.  

I let Mikayla go from this world August 2011.  She was 13 years old.  No other other dog will ever replace her.  She was one in a million.




Ch. SVershin's Miliy


"Miliy" is Russian for "darling" or "sweetheart".  I named her correctly because  a darling and a sweetheart she is.  She's a sweetie when she's not raising a melee, anyway.  Owner, Karen, finished "Milly" herself in Columbia 03/09/02.  We are so proud and happy for them.  Milly has the life of a princess complete with the doting love of kids and other borzoi.


I see a lot of grandmother, Strela, in this lovely bitch.


Owned and loved by Karen Gross and family, Bruce, Collin and Hailey.


SVershin's Mitelitza JC


Litza was taken to the 1999 National specialty for the 6 to 9 month puppy class and made the cuts down to 7 from the 32 in the class.  And, she needs just a major to finish without much effort on our part.  Litza has become a companion to the lovely young family where she enjoys the life of Riley.

Owned by Kirk and Tracy Johnson


Ch. SVershin's Maurugi of Purejoy


This magnificent dog finished his championship title being shown only 11 times.  And, one of those times was in the 6-9 month puppy class at the 1999 Denver National where he placed 4th in his class, which hardly counts.  So, he finished in 10 all breed shows.

Owned and loved by Joyce Pualani.


SVershin's Makari of Purejoy

Makari has never been and will never be shown.  He suffered a back injury in a car accident that has resulted in some nerve damage that affects one hind leg.  It's not real bad, just enough to make one leg move a little oddly.  Enough that judges would see it.  He's a dog with tons of personality, though.  The day I had an opportunity to photo him, it was raining out.  So, please look past the wet coat.


Owned and loved by Joyce Pualani.