date of birth:  1997 September 3rd

Ch Zimistraija Maestro at SV'erhin JC FCh.

Maestro is one of those dogs that has the Heart of a Lion.  Really, he loves nothing more than a big long hug.



Yeah, he likes his hugs when there isn't a lure to chase, that is.  This boy is the hardest running dog I've ever seen.  This photo was taken at the I.I. and the black dog he is racing was the top coursing borzoi in the country.  Oh, by the way, Maestro won not only this heat, but his class.




Maestro is a littermate to Mozart.  Two of the best things I ever did was to bring these boys over from Sweden.  I have let Maestro go to a home with a wonderful woman who dedicates her life to her children and to fostering children and has adopted several.  It think her adoptions number about 20.  Her own children (5 of them) are grown and out of the house.  But, there's usually 5 to 9 kids running around.  The youngest grades she home schools.  She is a far braver woman than I.