September 3rd, 1997 - April 8th, 2008


Ch Zimistraija Mozart Play for SV'shin JC FCh ROM-C.



Mozart's time has passed.  He was a great dog, as I have tried to describe below.  He was benevolent.  He was courageous.  He was physically strong and beautiful.  He loved everyone here with all the depth and breath of his heart every day.  I never had to give him even one correction for doing something unacceptable in the house.  He just knew what was right and what was wrong.  Even though for the last few years, he probably wouldn't have been strong enough to hold down a serious challenge for the dominate role, no one ever tried to take that from him.  They all respected him to the end.


I feel very lucky to have had Mozart.  He defined for me an absolutely perfect Borzoi temperament in a breed where wonderful temperaments abound.  I hope everyone who reads this has a dog such as Mozart at least once in their life.


He was diagnosed with a fiber sarcomas tumor in the soft pallet at the back of his throat earlier this year.  We considered all options and their consequences and decided not to attempt a removal of the tumor.  For a dog 10 years old, the surgery itself would be dangerous.  There was no way to know if the tumor had invaded the sinuses or esophagus.  Corruption of either of those would be fatal.  When he could no longer consume food or water, I helped him go to a more painless place.


My husband believes that those who love each other will be there to help you when it's your turn to transcend.  Mozart, while you wait for us, go find Monika.  She loved you so.



The gorgeous boy won friends where ever he went with his outgoing, I-love-everybody personality.  He  sparkled with zest for life.  This prince of charm finished his championship title before he was 2 years old.

A couple of really notable accomplishments are:


He was a tremendous courser and has his ASFA field championship title.  He also has AKC field points and a Junior Courser title from the one AKC event we have attended.  At the 1999 BCOA National Specialty Mozart placed 2nd in the open class of  the field event where there was an entry of 25.  His litter mate, Maestro placed 4th there.   So, conformation judges:  Big dogs that are well constructed CAN run!

In the above picture he is shown going Best of Opposite at the Chicago International 2/2000.  Facing him is his daughter, Mikayla, who was Winner's Bitch that day from the Junior class for a 4 point major.

Below are links to the kennels who have litters sired by Mozart, which you are invited to browse.  We are SO very pleased with how Mozart has produced.  He has placed in the BCOA National Specialty Stud Dog class on two separate occasions of which we are very proud (See the National Specialty pages at the left).  Also the ROM-C title speaks greatly of his worth as a stud dog.  The BCOA title represents Register Of Merit by virtue of Champion get.  But, I would also like to give credit where credit is due.  He has also been presented some very lovely and well pedigreed bitches.