Avalyn Angels

Ch. Avalyn SVershin Work of Angels FCh. GRC (Lana Lou)

Ch. Avalyn SVershin Muse of Angels, FCh. GRC (Jodi Lynn)

 by Ch. Avalyn Nakai the Magic Flute JC

and out of Majenkir Snow Angel

Bred by Lynne Bennett and Kay Collins

Born December 14th, 2005


Presented are two new arrivals at SVershin from Avalyn.

SO cute as babies and they have grown up to be lovely bitches.  Lovely they are and hotter than hot on the field and raceway!  They are Mozart granddaughters but also bring back to my kennel some of the same kind of  fine qualities and pedigree that Strela and Sydell contributed.



Jodi is on the left with the silver brindle markings and Lana is on the right with the cream markings.  They are being cuddled by Linda Torstenson who convinced me to co-own Jodi with her.  And, there's quite a story behind that but it's too lengthy to relate to you on this venue.  Suffice to say, the next time Linda accompanies me on a trip to go select a puppy, she is leaving her checkbook at home.

They are just little characters!

But they also have a calmness I have not experienced in borzoi puppies for quite some time.

Jodi pictured at 3 months

Lana pictured at 3 months

Jodi pictured at 7 months

just after having won a Best Puppy in Sweeps.

Lana pictured at 7 months

Jodi pictured at 16 months

Lana pictured at 16 months


Int. Nord. Jpn. Swe. Nord. Fin. CH. Timirinja's Birkovitch

Int. Nord. CH Gordienko av Fjascho

Dolja av Fjascho

CH Zimistraija Mozart Play For Sv'Shin, JC, Fld. CH ROM-C

Int. Nord. Jpn. Swe. Nor. Fin. CH Timirinja's Birkovitch

Int. Nord. CH Jelistaz Grace of Zimistraija

Swe.CH Jelistaz Crystal Charazeewa

CH Avalyn Nakai The Magic Flute, JC

CH Majenkir Signatuur, ROM-C

CH Majenkir Dandy Man

Majenkir Sweetbriar, ROM-C

CH Majenkir Avalyn Kitana, JC

CH Majenkir Messenger, ROM-C

CH Majenkir Athena Of Avalyn, ROMX- C

Majenkir Off-Key Silver Syren


Jodi Lynn & Lana Lou


CH Arnov Gerik, CD

BIS, BISS CH Majenkir Arcticus, R OMX-C

CH Majenkir White Linen

CH Majenkir Tsuperlative, ROMX-C

MBISS AM/CAN CH Majenkir Gyrfalcon, Fld. CH

CH Majenkir Tzara, ROM-C

CH Majenkir Tzarina Tsuzy

Majenkir Snow Angel

CH Majenkir Navron Mambrino, ROMX-C

CH Majenkir Nabucco At Agridor

CH Majenkir Manon Of Agridor

Lido Neafa

CH Majenkir Signatuur, ROM-C

Agridor Yasmeen

CH Agridor Pace Of Pickfair